Australia Student Visa

We aid students to choose the right course and university while applying for student Visa. This eases the efforts of the applicants.

Professional Year

A professional year is highly crucial for the students, pursuing degrees in various fields. This develops a path to begin their professional career in Australia. We help students in pursuing their professional year that includes internships as well.


NAATI CCL acts as a catalyst while boosting your PR points. The NAATI CCL test can be given in 8 different languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Nepali, Telugu, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Apply for this to get those additional 5 points in PR

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Our Courses


Accounting and Finance has been an evergreen field in Australia in terms of professional career. With an Accounting degree you can easily begin your career as an accountant in Australia.


Australia has always welcomed and encouraged hospitality industry. Chefs are always in demand for the fact that Australia is a leading employer of Hospitality Industry.


Australia has always encouraged development in the fields of Engineering and Technology. There are a lot of options to choose your course in the Engineering field. Choosing the right course shall aid you in building an exceptional career out of it.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality is one of the major contributors of Australia’s revenue. The employment opportunities for people with hospitality background have increased exponentially since the last decade.

Information Technology

IT is an emerging field in Australia. The demand for professionals from this industry has increased manifolds. Pursuing a course in the field of IT shall be an easy option to begin your career in Australia.


Medical field provides a promising career in Australia. With high pay levels and a stress-free environment, nursing courses can create a terrific opportunity for your career development.